Helping disabled Kiwis to fly!

Helping disabled Kiwis to fly!

Welcome to our new project that we hope to get airborne very very soon.
We have come up with a very cool project to help intellectually disabled children and adults experience God’s world from the sky –


After Tamsyn had been flying for 5 years, we wondered how we can bless others with her gift of flight and after careful consideration, along with a few directing experiences, we realised that we would be in an incredible position to offer flights to intellectually disabled children and adults. The reason we will be doing it for free is to bless people that would never normally have an opportunity like this. It will also bless families and carers/helpers who are required to assist as well giving them a great experience.

How do we fund it? – To start with we will fund it ourselves to get it off the ground but we will be relying in the future on donations from businesses and individuals to help with the costs. At present, 1 hour (engine on time only, including warm up) costs NZ$235 for a four seater Cessna, so we need to raise a lot of funds but it will be well worth it!

We will be adding to this site frequently over the next few months, getting ready for our official launch in December 2019, if not before if the weather comes good early.

TAMSYN 'The Pilot'

TAMSYN 'The Pilot'

Tamsyn started flying aircraft 5 years ago and juggled a busy family, work and church life with flying lessons, study, theory exams and practical flying test. 

She took her first flights at the North Shore Aero Club, first going up in a Robinson R22 Helicopter for a lesson and then up in a Robin R2120 training aircraft.

Tamsyn has piloted a range of aircraft including the Robin R2120, Piper PA28 Warrior, Cessna 172 SP, Tecnam P2008 and a Robinson R22 Helicopter.

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ANDY 'Flight Coordinator'

Andy has been an aircraft fanatic all his life from building model aircraft to visiting airshows, museums, displays and airports.

Although he is not able to fly a real plane, being a Mercedes Benz trained technician and mechanically minded, he has a lot of knowledge and understanding of the ins and outs of planes and helicopters, especially WWII aircraft and older engines.

He is more than happy to let Tamsyn do the hard work flying whilst he sorts out the logistics  for the new project.

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ANDY 'Flight Coordinator'
The Aircraft and Airport

The Aircraft and Airport

We hire aircraft based at the North Shore Aero Club in Dairy Flat where Tamsyn learnt to fly. The club offers a selection of aircraft and spectacular scenery for that first experience in the sky. For more about the club and learning to fly, click on the link.


The Video Section

Visit our You Tube channel to see types of flights that we will be offering in the Cessna 172 aircraft…..

Visit our you tube channel




For more information or to book an upcoming flight, please email us at :-

Andy & Tamsyn
PO Box 190
New Zealand



Check out our flight costs and what we offer and see if you can be a part of something big that benefits so many. Now is that time to offer something you have to someone who does not.

(Email us at the above address for more details)

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